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Pelatihan SIKD bagi Pimpinan dan Staf FKM Universitas Jember

“Pemusnahan ada empat macam, yakni:  dibakar, dicacah, dikubur, dan dibubur.  Pemusnahan berkas atau dokumen harus musnah tuntas tanpa menyisakan jejak, misal dalam bentuk bungkus makanan.” Demikian disampaikan Kepala UPT Kearsipan Universitas Jember, Trayo Sastri Hardiani saat menyampaikan materi pada Pelatihan Implementasi Sistem Informasi Kearsipan Dinamis (SIKD) FKM Universitas Jember. Continue reading

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Ambassador1Day – Embassy of Denmark and The Habibie Center

Document: Fact Sheet A1D Rules requirements and facts spring 2017

Embassy of Denmark in Indonesia together with The Habibie Center once again offers a student unique opportunity to become the Ambassador of Denmark for a day. You will take over the job of Ambassador Casper Klynge for a full day of events and meetings.

The selected student will also go on a two weeks study trip to Denmark. You will visit a wide range of both private and public institutions.

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